Sustainability Initiatives Reduce 6,692 tons of CO2 emissions across Provis-Managed Communities

Sustainability Initiatives Reduce 6,692 tons of CO2 emissions across Provis-Managed Communities

Abu Dhabi, 30th December 2019 – In line with the UAE Vision 2021, which aims to achieve a sustainable environment, Provis Estate Management has successfully implemented a series of sustainability and energy savings initiatives that resulted in the reduction of 6,692 tons of CO2 emissions across 10 communities under its portfolio. Water, chilled water and electricity consumption were reduced by 5% over the past 12 months and as a result saved approximately 15 million KWH of energy.

“We are committed to providing best in class property management solutions that are sustainable, efficient, good for the environment and add value to our clients, in line with the UAE Vision 2021 which aims to achieve a sustainable environment in terms of air quality, conservation of water resources, increased reliance on clean energy and green development.” said HP Aengaar, Provis CEO. “By integrating a series of initiatives across the communities we manage, we were able to reduce energy cost by AED 4 million in less than 12 months without compromising on quality and customer experience. We are proud of this achievement and are aiming to reduce the energy consumed in our communities by 15% during the two coming years, which equals to approximately 30 million KHW of energy saved.” Aengaar added, “Over 2,000 rural homes can be provided electricity for a whole year with the total savings achieved by Provis in electricity and chilled water alone.”

The sustainable measures were rolled out in Gate & Arc Towers, Sun & Sky Towers, Al Muneera, Al Zeina, Al Bandar, Al Raha Gardens, Golf Gardens, Alghadeer, Al Bateen Park and Al Gurm.

“Utilities and energy usage significantly impact service charges paid by property owners. Hence, reducing energy cost brings yearly overheads down and directly impacts long-term return on investment,” concluded Aengaar.

Initiatives include the implementation of water conservation techniques, installation of energy efficient LED lights and weather-based irrigation systems, implementation of real time Building Management System (BMS) data analytics of assets, cooling optimization, in addition to the rollout of other energy saving measures identified in an Energy Audit.