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At Provis, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our procurement practices prioritizing social responsibility and sustainability, enabling us to support suppliers in adopting eco-friendly measures. By embracing ethical partnerships and promoting local economic growth, we strive to create a better future.

Procurement Sustainability

Provis Procurement upholds Aldar Group’s sustainable procurement principles including cost effectiveness, compliance with ethical best practice, accountability, transparency and risk management. Our focus encompasses a whole-life perspective, with a robust net-zero target and ensuring wider economic, social and environmental impact.

Suppliers Relation

Provis Procurement is dedicated to fostering strong relationships with trustworthy and qualified suppliers. Our commitment lies in ensuring reliable products and services at competitive rates across all our operations.

Value Chain

  • Agility: Your ultimate, user-friendly solution for source to contract (S2C) and procure pay (P2P) Cycles that are customized to attain the utmost efficiency.
  • Client Centricity: We actively involve and collaborate with our internal and external clients every step of the way.
  • Risk Management: Your success is our priority. We assure a proactive risk management for seamless business continuity.
  • Competitiveness: Aldar Group prioritizes fairness in supplier and contractor selection through our rigorous governance, procurement policies, and procedures.
  • Process Efficiency: Experience efficiency at its best. We streamline processes, implement automation & digitalization, and boost operational efficiency to shorten cycle times to improve overall productivity.
  • Quality and Compliance: Procurement ensures purchased goods and services meet strict quality standards, comply with all regulations, and align perfectly with organizational policies and guidelines.
  • Accountability: We ensure integrity, efficiency, and a corruption-free environment, leading to optimized outcomes in acquiring goods and services.
  • Ethical: Ensuring a clean supply chain and preventing fraud or corruption.

Suppliers Registration

  • Experience streamlined vendor onboarding with our automated supplier registration process on the SAP-ARIBA platform.
  • Get access to a diverse range of registered vendors across various spend categories and specialties, ensuring the right suppliers are available to meet our clients' needs.
  • Wide range of fixed contracts with SLAs and KPIs.
  • Automated work order management system for diverse framework agreements.


Our suppliers are required to be:

  • Aligned with our Code of Business Conduct
  • Competitive (technical, cost or services)
  • ICV Certified
  • Financially feasible
  • Ethical, prioritizing health, safety, security, and the environment
  • ISO certified or meeting industry standards
  • Punctual and precise invoice processing

Supplier Login / Registration


Question Answer
Do we need to register our company to be part of Provis/Aldar Group Tenders? Yes, registration is mandatory for any tender submission with Provis/Aldar Group.
How do we register our company with Provis/Aldar Group? To register your company, please follow the link labeled “Supplier Register" or "Login”. Kindly complete all relevant sections/profile questionnaires and submit them for approval. Once submitted, your profile will be reviewed and processed accordingly.
We are already a registered vendor; how can we participate in ongoing tenders? Supplier selection for participation in tenders is the prerogative of Aldar/Aldar entities, based on the nature of each tender requirements.
The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) does not refer to any specific project? Yes, during registration, you are asked to agree to a general Non-Disclosure Agreement.
My license is with multiple trades and categories; do I need to select all categories under product and services? Yes, you should select from the dropdown list of multiple categories under products and services (whichever applicable/matches to your commercial licenses activities). Selection of the main category alone will not be sufficient; you will need to select all the sub-categories.
We are a group of companies; do we need to register only the parent company or all companies under the group? You should register each company individually with its own trade license and relevant documents.
We have branches in other emirates, do we need to register each emirate's branch separately? Yes, you should register each branch separately if required.
If I am registered, does it guarantee that I will be invited to tenders? Registration does not guarantee an invitation to all or any of the tenders. However, you will be listed as a potential vendor for any upcoming opportunity. For any vendor who wishes to be considered for work, it is mandatory to be registered with Provis/Aldar Group.
If I have any queries related to vendor registration, whom should I contact? Please email your queries to
If I have any queries related to tenders and other procurement-related matters, whom should I contact? Please email your queries to