Provis Commits to Eliminating Single-use Plastics Across its Managed Communities

Provis Commits to Eliminating Single-use Plastics Across its Managed Communities

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 3rd February 2020: On the occasion of the National Environment Day, Provis, one of the leading estate management companies in the UAE, has pledged to eliminate single-use plastics from its offices and common areas within the communities it manages. The green initiative falls in line with the UAE vision 2021 that aims to create and maintain a sustainable environment.

HP Aengaar, Provis Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are committed to implement all possible measures to make our workspace and communities free from single-use-plastics. Plastic waste is one of the most crucial issues affecting the world today and as an estate management company that manages over 29,000 units across both Property and Owners’ Association management, we are confident we can make an impactful difference to our environment.”

Aengaar added, “We believe in providing an all rounded property experience to our clients and having a greener, more sustainable practice will undoubtedly be welcomed by our growing portfolio.”

Plastics to be eliminated include plastic bottles, packaging plastics, polythene bags, cups, straws, spoons and many others. As part of the initiative, Provis will install plastic recycling vending machines which are expected to increase recycling from households by 10%. Residents living across Provis managed communities can insert plastic materials into the machines in exchange for incentives. The company is also conducting community awareness campaigns to reduce plastic consumption and in effect pollution.

The elimination of single-use plastics is part and parcel of Provis’s drive to make a positive difference on the environment. The company had previously announced the successful implementation of numerous sustainability and energy savings initiatives that resulted in the reduction of 6,692 tons of CO2 emissions across 10 communities, reduction in water, chilled water and electricity consumption by 5% over the past 12 months and as a result saved approximately 15 million KWH of energy. Provis has also announced that it intends to reduce the energy consumed in the communities it manages by an additional 15% during the two coming years, which equals to approximately 30 million KHW of energy saved.